About 160bits

160bits is a Nigerian social media platform that helps you share real-time information and stay up to date with events happening live in various locations in Nigeria. It has lots of networking features, enabling you to create a massive network of followers and connections while providing useful information to the community.

160bits is suitable for covering events such as the Elections in Nigeria, Sports events, Live shows, Television programs, News and Events happening live, Social and Business Events, and much more. It is also suitable for sharing your thoughts and opinions on various topics across a wide network of audience and followers.

160bits is intended for both Nigerian and International audience, it is primarily designed to get everyone connected and informed with events happening in and around Nigeria, though it is also suitable to share thoughts and update your audience about events happening globally.

160bits is continuously evolving and promises to be socially engaging.

Case Study: The Governorship Election of April 11, 2015

160bits is perfectly suited to be used to cover the April 2015 governorship election. Just sign up, select your location, and provide updates about how the election is proceeding in your location, including photos and also uploaded YouTube videos.

160bits also works with twitter (coming soon), so you can sit tight and update events while they are also automatically posted to your twitter account.


One of the unique features of 160bits is the ability of people to find you wherever they are located in Nigeria. No matter how small your community is, it can be a place of interest to many Nigerians from distant places. Anything of interest happening in any community anywhere in Nigeria? All you have to do is find someone (eye witness) reporting it live in that community, and stay up to date.

Are you a football fan and wish to grow your audience and followers by providing live updates about popular football games? This is your opportunity to realize your dreams.

Are you a student and wish to become popular by updating students about what is happening on your campus? 160bits is the right place to be and you can grow a tremendous audience of followers who enjoy your updates

With 160bits, your potentials as well as those of millions of Nigerians is just unimaginable, and you know what? We will take it global too, so you may also take your networking skills abroad, engaging people within communities, colleges and interesting places.. We got you covered.

We are actively developing and evolving 160bits to be the Next Big Thing!

Our Downloadable Mobile App is coming soon, but we are mobile friendly, so you can still enjoy the community on your mobile phone while we develop the specific app you can download to your phone.

About The Owner

160bits is owned by Mike Unegbu, A Technology Entrepreneur based in Abuja, Nigeria. You may contact him for partnership or consulting services on 08051600457. For other inquiries related to how 160bits works, please email admin@160bits.com or just add @admin to your bits from your 160bits homepage.