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Achieving Competitive Edge for an OnDemand E-commerce Company

SpeedCo Business Model
Technologies Proposed


This proposal was for an an e-commerce company specialized in On-Demand grocery and household items delivery in the US.

For this illustration, we'll refer to this client as SpeedCo. SpeedCo is an onDemand grocery and household delivery company which facilitates doorstep delivery of groceries and household items ordered on their platform by clients
SpeedCo has over 300 regular stores registered on their platform, and customers can order online from their favorite stores using SpeedCo online platform, and SpeedCo delivers in as fast as within the hour
SpeedCo earns revenue mostly from subscriptions and delivery costs

The Problem

Due to competition from rivals (including tech giants like Amazon) on delivery speed and cost, SpeedCo needs to evolve its business model to stay profitable and competitive.

The Solutions Explained

The goal of the proposal is to evolve the SpeedCo business model using technology solutions, so they could speed up their deliveries while also saving cost.

After studying and understanding the SpeedCo business model, we did some research and proposed a number of solutions, one of which will be discussed here to demonstrate this technology proposition.

Among the solutions proposed was the use of Unmanned  Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), popularly called Drones, for deliveries.

This proposal focuses on the following topics relevant for the adoption of the UAV technology: 
UAV (Drone) technology adoption, including its key capabilities and characters
Possible operational and competitive uses and benefits of the UAV technology that justify its adoption
Analysis of the UAV technology including its viability for the intended use and timeframe
Operational and competitive risks of adopting the UAV technology
Justification and timeframe for adoption of the UAV technology

The Result

Adopting the UAV technology could evolve SpeedCo's business model.
Benefits for SpeedCo include delivery cost savings (90% savings), faster deliveries (100% improvement), more delivery timeslots, fewer missed deliveries, and cost effective returns.

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