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Streamlining Business Operations | Expanding Legal Services Using Digital Tools

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A law firm outside the US was growing and wanted to expand its services to clients in other cities in the country. We'll refer to the law firm as General Legal for this illustration.

General Legal had a website and a contact page. Customers from other cities in the country had started contacting General Legal for consultation so it was considering expanding its services to other cities.

The Problem

While its customer care was centrally located at the headquarters, its legal teams were going to be local to these cities in the country. General Legal needed to be able to coordinate operations within its organization from a central location. 

The Solutions Explained

After working with General Legal to understand its expansion and business management needs, we did some research, and presented a number of solutions that fit the business case. The solutions presented were focused on improving customer service and communication, project management, collaboration, and business analytics.

The communication solutions were aimed at improving customer service, internal communication and collaboration between staff

The project management tools were aimed at project and task management, and secure file management

The analytics tools were designed to extract meaningful data for the organization which will offer insights and highlight the quality of service offered, areas of improvement etc.

The Result

General Legal expanded to multiple cities within 6 months of deploying the digital solutions, and had the capacity to effectively manage about 10x its previous client capacity.

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