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Digital Transformation of a print media organization

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The client was a large print media organization based in Pennsylvania, US, with operations spanning over 20 years in the industry. Print advertising was the primary source of revenue for our client, referred to here as "The Print Media" for this illustration. 

The Problem

With the advent of Facebook, YouTube and social media platforms, a lot of advertising dollars started going digital because most clients of advertisers had shifted their attention to these digital platforms.
This situation caused a disruption in the print media industry and caused a lot of organizations to go out of business. Many other organizations including The Print Media were struggling. The company had become a shadow of what it used to be. It clearly needed a reset if it was going to stay in business.

Our Solutions Explained

After studying and understanding The Print Media's business model, we presented a number of solutions that could potentially digitally transform the business model and revenue of the Print Media Company. 

The first among the solutions was rebuilding The Print Media's website. The goals of the website redesign included making it search engine friendly, implementing multimedia advertising options and features, improving the UI and navigation, and implementing analytics.

The next among the solutions was implementing a digital publishing strategy. Basically, there are best practices recommended for digital publishing in general, and also based on the company's goals.

The final solution implemented was a suite of customer service, communication, content management, and operations management tools aimed at enhancing the overall team efficiency and customer experience

The Result

Within 4 years, The Print Media transformed from a print based company to a multimedia company offering print and digital services. Website traffic increased by over 800%, Content subscribers increased by over 600%, Staff performance improved by 300%, and digital revenue contributed over 50% of overall company revenue.

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