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Digital Transformation of a print media organization

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Our client, a well-established print media organization headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, boasts a reputable history of more than two decades in the industry. The primary revenue source for this organization, known as "The Print Media" for this illustration, was print advertising.

The Problem

As tech giants like Facebook and Youtube began to dominate the social media landscape, advertisers increasingly shifted their attention to digital platforms, and a significant amount of advertising revenue migrated to digital platforms. This paradigm shift caused a disruption in the print media industry, which resulted in many organizations going out of business. Organizations like The Print Media weathered this tumultuous period, but clearly needed a well defined digital strategy to thrive in the new media landscape.

Our Solutions Explained

After thoroughly analyzing The Print Media's business model, we proposed several innovative strategies aimed at digitally transforming the company's operational model and revenue streams.

Our initial proposal involved a comprehensive redesign of The Print Media's website. The objectives for the redesign were to enhance search engine optimization, incorporate multimedia advertising capabilities, improve the user interface and navigation, and implement robust analytics.

Our second proposal entailed a substantial revamp of the digital content strategy. This involved realigning content goals to more closely reflect the organization's mission, utilizing analytics for better audience engagement, setting a consistent brand voice and style, conducting a thorough content audit, performing competitive analysis, effectively leveraging appropriate social media channels and tools, and routinely reviewing the editorial calendar.

Our final proposition encompassed the deployment of a suite of digital tools designed to improve customer service, internal communication, knowledge exchange and resource sharing, content management, and operations management. This was aimed at improving the overall team productivity and enhancing the user experience, thereby nurturing customer loyalty and fostering growth.

The Result

Within four years, The Print Media successfully evolved from a predominantly print-based organization into a comprehensive multimedia company, providing a suite of print and digital services. The digital transformation produced remarkable results: website traffic skyrocketed by an impressive 800%, subscriptions for digital content surged by over 600%, and staff productivity enhanced by a significant 300%. Most importantly, digital revenue also accounted for over 50% of the company's total revenue, marking a pivotal shift in The Print Media's business model.

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